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What do we do


What we achieved

RE.TE was born in Nicaragua, by a group of people who supported the revolutionary social experiment of the early 80s. The first official projects arrived in the early 90s, in support of maintenance workshops of public transportation in Managua.

Following technical operations of this type, we expanded the action area of Mateare with a more multisectoral approach, of local development, thanks to the decentralized cooperation. Integrated local development projects were realized also in Ciudad Sandino and Masaya. In Mateare, Malpaisillo and other locations agricultural projects and health of agricultural workers interventions were supported for many years.

One area of ​​very significant action, from 1998 to 2010, was represented by the environmental actions in the area of ​​Rio San Juan and the Solentiname archipelago, for the preservation of primary forest. The campaign "Save the Forest" has created, thanks to the signing of individuals and collectives in Italy, a reserve on the island of Mancarroncito, also promoting eco-tourism and creating a biological research station.

After Hurricane Alma, we also realized reconstruction works in Salinas Grande and Managua. Afterwards, we promoted local capabilities for the prevention of natural disasters and emergency management.

Since 2009 started the collaboration with Africa70 and CAPRI for the management of waste in Managua, the creation of employment opportunities and the reduction of child labor, which then led to more direct actions to protect the rights of children in Managua and Ciudad Sandino, as well as in a broader regional project also in Honduras.

Another area of ​​significant intervention is in support of the disabled people, especially in partnership with the ORD organization, both on the self-production and distribution of aids and the promotion of political participation, with a focus of leadership and autonomy.

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