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What you can do

Supporting RE.TE. NGOs can help to drive development processes and improvement of social conditions of populations and communities in Africa, Latin America and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensuring the implementation and continuity of the activities.
A small contribution can make a big difference.

Agricultural Barriera

Volunteers for the urban horticulture

The project "Agricultural Barrier", supported by the services of the service center for volunteers VolTo, comes from a work of joint planning between the volunteer organization Volontarinrete and RE.TE, who manage an organic urban horticulture area in Barriera di Milano. Today we have available for the community around 2,000 square meters of area for horticultural activities; about half is dedicated to collective horticulture, teaching gardens, aggregation and conviviality spaces, with areas equipped for educational activities, training and games.

The goal of the network of partners is to create a useful place for citizenship of the neighborhood by promoting civic urban agriculture activities, social and sustainable, in order to sensitize the citizens about the importance of urban agriculture as element of social cohesion. The project involves the creation of a group of 20 volunteers who will provide the shared garden management and training activities related to it, developing an active and involved citizenship tissue.

Volunteers will become promoters and trainers of ecological and sustainable farming techniques in the city. They'll meet the population interested in set up a small vegetable garden in their houseor condominium, providing the information needed using the public garden area as a training space. To help similar initiatives, the project will realize a short on-line manual of ecological and sustainable urban agriculture.



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