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What do we do

Get to work

Promotion and development of social and labor inclusion of young people in Turin

The project "Get to Work" of RE. TE, in partnership with the social cooperative Forma-Rete, funded by the CRT Foundation, has the objective to strengthen the skills and capacity of young people. The specific objectives are the support to their educational and professional choices, preventing early school leaving and facilitating an approach to work based on their school addresses.

In the first phase of the project we realized collective meetings and workshops with the boys and girls, and activate an information desk inside the schools where kids and families can explore the issues addressed during collective workshops and receive a dedicated and specific service, according to student needs. The beneficiaries are the final year students of the Institute Giulio, the Technical-Economic Institute Russell-Moro and Technical Schools Association San Carlo. 

The "Get to work 2.0" project has increased the number of associations and schools involved and expanded the themes and topics. There will be information sessions and A-Level Orientation in high schools of the second degree, both for training and university experiences but, above all, considering the data on unemployment among graduates, training and orientation workshops for active search of work once got the diploma.

In the initial phase, we will conduct a careful analysis of the needs of students through questionnaires and interviews. The data collected will be systematized and used for the creation of collective workshops, where to dealt with issues of common interest, meet professionals who bring back their direct testimony, and more specific individual meetings, responding comprehensively to the needs of individual students. In individual meetings we will work on the motivations of the students, in order to encourage them in their job search or in selecting the most suitable option, actively and profitably. The students will also be trained in the search and creation of so-called "emerging work": jobs related to food, entrepreneurship innovative start-up, sharing economy. The project will also give the opportunity to schools to activate, with partner organizations and other similar realities, educational and experiential routes that can join the work-school alternation, in accordance with agreements with the schools and according to the their needs.


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