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Greenhouse horticulture with the women of the Tocoraya community

Improve living conditions through nutrition

The project takes place in a community of the small town of Mocomoco, from which it is 4/5 hours on foot, in one of the most depressed provinces of Bolivia, characterized by a rudimentary agriculture, subsistence, and a very low level of services. Poverty is so widespread that food security is not guaranteed, based solely on self-production and lacking basic technical knowledge, in a framework of a difficult climate. All this causes a strong emigration towards the nearest inhabited centers.

Together with the FUNDAPIM association, priority was given to the creation of greenhouses, that allow the production of organic vegetables, both to improving the family nutritional balance and for sale. This activity is accompanied by an agricultural and ecological training with respect to the conservation and enrichment of the soils:

1. Construction and installation of greenhouses
2. Training and installation of irrigation and fertilization systems, cultivation and harvesting techniques, management of pests and diseases, use of organic production techniques
3. Food education.

The project will benefit 2/3 women and 1/3 men of the community.


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