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What do we do

Support for the social enterprise and migrant initiatives in Senegal

For a development of Senegalese rural micro businesses.

The primary sector is still the most important in Senegal, but climate change is expected to cause an increase in the number of people suffering from hunger by 2050. The prevailing productive model (70%) is that of family farming, that refers to the peasant federations, which over the years have contributed concretely to local development. Rural micro-enterprises are informal economic subjects, lacking legal documentation and among the most important actors in Senegal's socio-economic development and employment opportunities. Their structural vulnerability affects their sustainability (financial and social), but these realities can make a decisive contribution to increasing the profitability of agricultural activities. Of particular interest are the "green" micro-enterprises (biological production, energy from renewable sources useful for agriculture, agro-forestiera, biodiversity protection also with biotechnologies).

In the regions of Saint Louis, Thiès and Louga, the PAISIM project promoted by CISV, RETE and a series of other Italian and Senegalese realities, aims to support the rural economy of northern Senegal to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the root causes of irregular migration, reinforcing the agricultural, ecological, social and inclusive business framework and supporting economic initiatives originated by local migrants.

Expected results

1. 150 Rural Micro-Enterprises involved in "green" production, processing or marketing and economically and financially sustainable.
2. At least 10 Rural Micro-Enterprises involved in the "green" production, processing or marketing or migrant initiatives created at the B.A.S.E. front office in Italy and launched in the Regions of Thiès, Louga and Saint Louis
3. A system of participation and certification (rating) useful for the access to credit of Micro Rural Enterprises having economic and social objectives, tested and organized by the social enterprise CAPER SAS and functioning
4. A model for the use of funds for investment aimed at the credit of rural micro enterprises and the enterprises of a migrant initiative tested and functioning.



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