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What we achieved

Since 2007 RE.TE. has engaged in the most vulnerable communities, socially and environmentally, of Honduras, basing on focus on protection of children's rights and community development. In Isla del Tigre (Amapala), in Campo Cielo and Villa Franca (Tegucigalpa) and El Ocotillo (San Pedro Sula) we have worked to improve the standard of living of children and young people at social risk, rescuing the girls / i and adolescents involved in the work of collection and recycling of materials through strengthening education courses, donations and food,and health assistance.
In 2009 it was carried out a study to identify the worst forms of hazardous child labor in the departments of Santa Barbara, Copan y Lempira.

Between 2011 and 2015 it was realized the Island Community Development Program of the Tigre Island (Gulf of Fonseca), geared to the promotion, protection and participation of children and youth  in local development and implementation of municipal policies promoting childhood and improving reproductive and neonatal health.
207 children and adolescents were rescued from child labor in the landfill of San Pedro Sula; the living conditions of the local population markedly improved thanks to this project, which has helped to raise awareness among the local population about children's rights, their promotion and defense, directly involving the parents of the beneficiaries in many community activities to improve local living conditions. Community screenings of various public services, including education and health, have been strengthened, allowing to catalyze a number of initiatives for the benefit of the local population, including the construction of a health center and the start of the drinking water supply system; the population benefited is estimated to be a total of 12,000 people.

In public health, it was built and equipped the Health Center Metropolitano CESAMO in El Ocotillo. We enhanced the management system of sanitation emergencies and maternal-child health in miskitos communities of Puerto Lempira and Tikiuraya (Gracias a Dios), improved the Hospital of Puerto lempiras and of Tikiuraya Health Center for Emergencies related to maternal and child health and vector-borne diseases, including the training of medical personnel and volunteers and the placement of solar panels in the two medical centers to make them autonomous.
The project "Clean Energy for Public Health" has been equipped with photovoltaic solar panels for the benefit of 41 health centers and a hospital in the Department of Gracias a Dios, one of the most isolated and backward of the country.
In parallel, an action to reduce the risks and for the prevention and control of dengue has benefited the most vulnerable populations affected by natural disasters, based on prevention, response and mitigation with a comprehensive approach to the problem.

To prevent, mitigate and manage natural emergencies, have been realized a number of community interventions in the colonies of Campo Cielo, Villa Franca, Nueva Suyapa (Tegucigalpa) and El Ocotillo (San Pedro Sula), through the training of local groups of adults and teenagers, renovation and equipping of schools, health centers and shelters damaged by natural events.

These projects were implemented through co-financing of Kindernothilfe foundation, Samaritans International, Plan International, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union.

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