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What do we do

Educational action in Bosnia

Cooperative learning to grow together

The project, funded by the Open Society Foundation and the local Ministry of Education, and carried out in partnership with Mios, Interaktivne otvorene skole of Tuzla, and primary school Safvet beg Basagic of Breza, developed a network of teachers whith innovative teaching methods. In the scientific laboratory of Breza, shared by several schools, professors of Breza and Tuzla met to undergo training on cooperative learning and problem solving applied to science teaching in primary schools. Throughout the year, teachers had the opportunity to exchange good practices and discuss it. In May 2017, during an international conference, the project results has been presented.

Project objectives were:

  • Enhance teaching skills to promote interactive learning process of natural science, encouraging the active participation of students.
  • Stimulate critical thinking of primary school students in terms of understanding and scientific world;
  • Promote the exchange of educational experiences that use cooperative learning methods in Tuzla, Zenica-Doboj and Sarajevo Canton.

RE.TE. contributed to the supply of didactic-scientific material and participated with his Italian president at the final conference in May 2017 in Tuzla.


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